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On December 6th of 2016 Catarina Cabral and João Pimenta, class 12th B and their colleagues, within teacher Lígia Luís’s English class and with the cooperation of teacher Lurdes Jesus, told a short story to the students of 7th grade. The story is called “Girls night out”, it is about two best friends who decided to sneak out one night to go to a club and something happened.

Most of the kids understood the story and seemed to enjoy it. At the end of the story, the story tellers and the teachers made them some questions about the story, and they even helped to make a suspect list! It was a good experience.

This is the story that was told:

Girls night out

Isobella and Chloe were two typical American teenage girls. After school they spent all of their time together, watching scary movies, having sleepovers, shopping for new clothes. They liked partying, keeping up with their friends, having fun and just enjoying life. They had no way of knowing the terrible fate that life had in store for them.

One night, Isobella and Chloe decided to have a girls night out. They planned to sneak out to a nightclub as soon as their parents went to sleep. Isobella kissed her parents goodnight and went upstairs to bed. When she thought that everyone had gone to sleep, she took out her cellphone, called her friend Chloe and told her to meet her at the store down the street. Chloe agreed and hung up.

Isobella quietly opened her bedroom window, trying not to wake anyone up. She stepped out onto the windowsill and climbed down the drainpipe. As she walked down the deserted street, she got a strange feeling that she was being watched. The hairs on the back of her picked up. She glanced behind her, but she was alone. When she came to the corner of the store there was nobody around, so she took out her cellphone and called Chloe.

“Ok, I’m at the store”, she said, “ Hurry up”.

“What’s wrong?” replied Chloe.

“I don’t know”, said Isobella, “This just doesn’t feel like other nights. Something’s not right. I´ve got a bad vibe.”

“Stop it. You´re just being paranoid”, Laughed Chloe. “I´ll be there in 2 minutes”.

Isobella hung up the phone, but she could not shake the feeling that someone or something was watching her.

Five minutes later, Chloe turned up and the two girls walked together to the nightclub. The girls were too young to get into the club, but the bouncers never asked for their ID. They strolled inside and pretty soon they were dancing to the music and flirting with guys on the dance floor.

Around 3 A.M., Isobella was chatting to a guy who must’ve been at least 10 years older than her. When suddenly she felt her phone vibrating in her pocket. It was a text message from her ex-boyfriend Anthony. She hadn’t heard from him since they broke up.


Curious she looked around and saw Chloe busy talking to some other man. She stepped outside…

She got yet another text message, and it read: “MEET U AROUND THE CORNER OVER BY THE DUMPSTER”

The street was dimly lit and deserted. Isobella had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. She told herself she was just being over-cautious.

Inside the club, Chloe was looking for her friend. But no signs of her.

Chloe got a text from Isobella:


As she got outside she got another text message: “I’M AROUND THE CORNER OVER BY THE DUMPSTER COME WATCH ME SPARKLE”

Chloe followed the directions, crossing the dark and lonely street. When she turned the corner, she was confronted by a horrific sight.

Isobella was hanging upside down in the parking lot. Sparkling Christmas tree lights were wrapped around her ankles. A pool of blood below her. Her body stripped of clothing, revealing deep wounds along her stomach and chest.

Chloe fell to the ground and screamed, people that were at the door of the nightclub heard and came to help.

When they turned the corner and saw Isobella’s bloody corpse hanging in front of them, they were horrified.

The police were called and they questioned Chloe for hours. Still in a state of hysteria, she could barely talk. Sobbing uncontrollably, she told them how she and Isobella had sneaked out that night and gone to the nightclub together. She tried to remember all of the guys that they had flirted with on the dancefloor. They asked her if she knew about anyone who would want to harm Isobella, but she couldn’t think of anyone. As much as she wanted to catch Isobella’s killer, she was no help to the investigation.

During the interrogation, one of the cops grabbed a plastic bag and took out a blood-stained envelope.

  “We found this in your friend’s throat. It’s addressed to you”, said the cop as he handed her the envelope.  

“Chloe” was written across the front. With trembling hands, she took out the piece of paper inside and read it.

The letter read: “Maybe if you stayed in bed like you were supposed to, things like this wouldn’t happen. Don’t go sneaking around at night. Bad things can happen.”

The cops had to grab her before she fainted. An ambulance took Cloe to the hospital and treated her for shock.

When Chloe returned home the next day, she was still shaken. Her parents told her that Isobella’s ex-boyfriend, Antony, had been arrested for the murder. He was later released after checking his alibi. He claimed his phone had been stolen on the day of the murder. The police didn’t rule him out as a suspect in the case, but they didn’t have enough to charge him.letter

Isobella’s murder remained unsolved. Nobody was ever brought to trial for the crime and as time went on, people began to forget about it.

Two years have passed and Chloe had almost managed to forget about the terrible night when her best friend had been savagely murdered.

One night, she called her boyfriend and asked him to meet her at the park. It was about 2 in the morning. She began to walk to the park, but felt a strange presence, just like the one Isobella had told her about, the night she was murdered. She was almost at the park when the feeling came across her, so she let it go. Her phone beeped. It was a text message from her boyfriend.  – “Almost there baby luv u lots”.

It made her feel much better. Her last task was to pass by the store, the park was on the other side. She began to walk but heard something behind her. Immediately she began to run. Her boyfriend got to the park and waited about 15 minutes. At 2:35 AM, he got a text from Chloe: -“Keep walking forward and u will see me”

He did as the text suggested and walked forward. There hanging upside-down from a tree, was the mutilate body of Chloe. Christmas lights were wrapped around her ankles and she was covered in blood.

He called the police and was interrogated all night. The next day, when Chloe’s boyfriend got home, there was a letter waiting for him on his parents’ doorstep. It was stained with small drops of blood. The note inside read: “Don’t go sneaking around at night. Bad things can happen.”

I wish I could tell you that the murders of Isobella and Chloe were solved, but that’s just not the case. Today, the police say the investigation is still ongoing, but they have no new leads.

The murders are rarely spoken about nowadays. They were high profile cases at the time, but due to the strange lack of evidence, people soon forgot about them. Everyone who was involved went on with their lives.

You may be wondering how I know so much about these cases. Well, I’d rather not go into it, considering it’s still an ongoing investigation. If you must know, I was the cop who was assigned to the case. I was the cop who handed Chloe the blood-stained letter. You may also be wondering why the murders were never solved. Well, like I always say: Don’t go sneaking around at night… Bad things can happen…

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As professoras Ana Fernandes e Luísa Marcelo, em parceria com a biblioteca, dinamizaram, entre 12 e 16 de dezembro, a participação dos alunos do 8ºAno da ESDS nos Desafios Alea, que são problemas do dia-a-dia, baseados em notícias publicadas em órgãos de comunicação social.

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À semelhança do ano anterior, a BE organizou, em parceria com a Porto Editora e a colaboração das professoras Énia Sena, Marina Andrade e Ana Fernandes, o concurso de literacia 3D. Este ano foi o 7ºAno de Ciências que contou com a participação de perto de 30 alunos de todas as turmas.

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Teve lugar na Biblioteca, no passado dia 20 de outubro, a entrega dos diplomas DELF, de língua francesa, com a presença, além dos alunos diplomados, da nossa diretora Sara Moura e das professoras Idalina Francisco e Maria Chinopa. Foi atribuído, no Quadro Europeu Comum de Referência para as Línguas, o nível A2 os alunos João Carvalho, Rafaella Latanzzzio, Margarida Nunes e Sofia Ribeiro, e o nível B1 aos alunos Andrea Almeida, Alexandra Louro e Ana Catarina Leitão.

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1507-1No conto “A Aia”, de Eça de Queirós, a Aia troca de berço o principezinho e o escravozinho (seu filho), acabando este por ser morto, e ela, por se suicidar.

Na minha opinião, o que a Aia fez foi de grande coragem e lealdade ao reino, pois não é toda a gente que sacrificaria o seu próprio filho para salvar o herdeiro do trono, mas, apesar disso, eu não concordo com a troca de bebés. Se eu estivesse no lugar da Aia, provavelmente teria fugido com as duas crianças. Sim, eu estaria a trair o reino, mas a meu ver, uma vida vale muito mais do que tudo isso, e se fosse necessário, abdicaria da minha própria vida para salvar a vida dos dois.

Tendo em conta a troca dos bebés, é normal que a Aia se sentisse culpada daquilo que tinha feito, porque tecnicamente, foi ela que matou o próprio filho. Assim que a Aia colocou o seu filho no berço do príncipe, ele ficou com a morte garantida.

Portanto, eu entendo que a Aia se tenha suicidado, pois a coisa mais preciosa que ela tinha era o seu filho, mas ele foi morto. Então, ela perdeu a vontade de viver e, com o sentimento de culpa, acabou por tirar a sua própria vida.

Ana Bárbara Gomes Rodrigues, 9.º B

A meu ver, a atitude da Aia, ao trocar os dois bebés, o príncipe e o escravo, não foi correta, nem o acontecimento que lhe sucedeu, que foi o suicídio da aia com o punhal de esmeraldas.

Acerca da troca de bebés, não concordo pois penso que ninguém tem o direito de escolher quem vive e quem morre, independentemente da classe social. Para além disso, na minha opinião, o amor de mãe deve ser superior a qualquer outro sentimento, como por exemplo, a lealdade. Um dos deveres da mãe deve ser o de proteger o filho.

Em relação ao suicídio, julgo que a Aia não agiu corretamente pois, como já referi anteriormente, ninguém tem o direito de escolher quem vive e quem morre, mesmo quando se trata da nossa própria vida. Do meu ponto de vista, o suicídio é um ato de cobardia. A aia suicidou-se pois não conseguia viver com as consequências da sua escolha.

Concluo, baseando-me nos argumentos por mim apresentados anteriormente, que não foi correta a atitude, da aia, de trocar os dois bebés de berço nem o seu consequente suicídio.

Tomás Silva, 9.ºB


Eu não concordo com as atitudes da aia.

Não concordo com ela, porque, em vez de pôr o filho à frente de tudo e todos, quis proteger o filho da rainha, para o reino não desmoronar.

A meu ver, a aia nunca devia ter posto a vida do seu próprio filho à frente dos interesses do reino, pois afinal de contas, a aia era uma simples empregada que prestava os seus serviços ao reino.

Em relação ao suicídio, penso que a aia tomou a decisão errada, porque se ela, no início, colocava o reino à frente do seu pequeno “chocolatinho”, logo a seguir, ela espeta aquele punhal de esmeraldas no peito, ou seja, primeiro, queria salvar o reino do tio bastardo, mas depois, deixa o reino desfalcado, sem uma das suas mais leais empregadas. Na minha opinião, ela foi má para o filho e acabou por não ajudar assim tanto o reino.

Pelas razões supracitadas, condeno as atitudes da aia.

Tiago Fernandes, 9ºB


Penso que o fim do conto “A Aia” foi demasiado dramático ou, por outras palavras, triste.

 Julgo que não era necessário a Aia morrer no fim, pois como já li vários textos, desde livros, banda desenhada, entre outros, esse tipo de final é aquilo a que chamamos de “cliché”. Quantas histórias já eu li que acabam assim! A meu ver, a Aia devia ser uma mulher jovem, por isso poderia ter tido mais filhos. Do meu ponto de vista, a Aia devia ter fugido com o seu filho e com o príncipe. Por muito leal que a Aia fosse, estar a sacrificar sangue do seu sangue é um pouco extremo, para mim.

Mas no fim de tudo, acho que o final é também adequado, pois a Aia salvou o seu príncipe, ao trocar os dois bebés de berço, e após isso, como ela acreditava na vida após a morte, matou-se para ir ter com o filho.

Sara Trigo, 9°B

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